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Changing the game for buying and selling premium wines

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What is Primeur?

Primeur is the go-to destination for pre-purchasing premium Australian wines.

Primeur seeks to help wineries by offering a technology solution - providing a safe and secure way wineries can pre-sell their premium wines, receive the necessary funds to keep doing business and not compromise on the quality of
product they’re delivering by being forced to release early to pay necessary bills.

How it
Benefits Consumers

Pre-sale - Guarantee your allocation of Australia's finest wine before it's even been bottled.

Provenance - Receive a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing your wines' origins.

Re-sale - Prior to bottling, you can trade your wine. Future secondary sales of physical wines on the blockchain are also planned.

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How it Benefits Wineries

Running a winery is an expensive business. Wineries need to spend large amounts of money making and storing their wine before they can even sell it. Tying up all this working capital often causes financial challenges that can threaten their ongoing livelihood.

Wineries and producers do not receive royalties in the secondary market. Through tokenizing wine, Primeur gives the producer an additional margin on re sale which is unique in the wine industry.


WithWine offers unique access to hundreds of wineries around
Australia. Their app is the easiest way to buy and engage with wineries.


Primeur is integrating with their app to help the wine buyer purchase premium wines before they’re released and add them to your virtual cellar.



Q4 - 2022 - Set up financial structure of business

Q4 - 2022 - Integrate with Meowcoin blockchain to facilitate pre-sale tokenization

Q1 - 2023 - Engage wineries to launch new vintage on Primeur

Q1 - 2023 - Integrate into WithWine 

Q2 - 2023 - Launch first campaigns for premium wine

Andrew Starkey
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Chief Executive
Ben Sweeney
Ben Sweeney B&W.png
Chief Sales Officer
Lance Eerhard
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Ben Loiterton
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